The Global Brain and the Future Information Society

Vienna, June 5-6 2015
(main conference dates June 3-7)

Conference track theme

The Global Brain can be defined as the self-organizing network formed by all people on this planet together with the information and communication technologies that connect and support them. As the Internet becomes faster, smarter, and more encompassing, it increasingly links its users into a single information processing system, which functions like a nervous system for the planet Earth. The intelligence of this system is collective and distributed: it is not localized in any particular individual, organization or computer system. It rather emerges from the interactions between all its components—a property characteristic of a complex adaptive system. Such a distributed intelligence may be able to tackle current and emerging global problems that have eluded more traditional approaches. Yet, at the same time it will create technological and social challenges that are still difficult to imagine, transforming our society in all aspects.

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Keynote speaker: Francis Heylighen

The Global Brain: a Self-organizing, Distributed Intelligence Emerging from the Web

Keynote speaker: Dirk Helbing

Creating a Planetary Nervous System as a Citizen Web

Invited talk: Payal Arora

Big data Commons and the global South

Invited talk: Stefania Milan

Big Data and the understanding of the political

Contributed talk: Evo Busseniers

Let's interPlay! Does co-evolution enable or constrain?

Contributed talk: Roman Batko

Panopticon - cybercontrol in liquid modernity: what does control really mean in contemporary management?

Contributed talk: Dana Klisanin

Choice Words: An Integral Exploration of Signifers Being Used to Reference Global Interconnectedness

Contributed talk: Michael E. Arth

UNICE global brain project: Creating a global, independent, public-policy answer-engine that will facilitate governance, while preparing for and reducing the dangers of Artificial General Intelligence.

Contributed talk: Viktoras Veitas and Weaver (David Weinbaum)

Living Cognitive Society: a "digital" World of Views

Contributed talk: Cadell Last

Self-actualization in the Commons

Contributed talk: Marta Lenartowicz

Mere impediments? A second thought on the role of social boundaries in self-organisation of the global collective intelligence on the Earth