Commenting guidelines

The comments can be posted either with or without authentication:

With authentication:

In order to post comments under your full name, displaying picture etc., the best way is to authenticate with one of the social networks: Twitter, Facebook or Google if you have an account with any of them. In order to display the option for authenticating via these social networks, just place the cursor on the comment field. At first time you will get a pop-up window asking to enter your password. This is because the commenting engine we use creates an account for each user. You may enter a ramdomly generated password which can be forgotten right away - the logging in will anyway happen through the social network.

Please keep in mind that in this case it is slightly easier to use one social network of choice for logging in.

Without authentication (pseudonymously):

  1. Place the cursor on the comment field. Logging options pop up;
  2. Place the cursor under “OR PICK A NAME (?)” line. Few more opions appear;
  3. Click the “I’d rather post as a guest”;
  4. Fill the name and e-mail fields. If e-mail is given I suppose you may get notifications of replies to your comments or get your name associated with your Gravatar account.

You may try it out right away ;):

Comments are enabled from now to two weeks after the conference. Please see the commenting guidelines for the advice on authentication.